Bra College

Did you know that most women are wearing the wrong bras? When I say the ‘wrong bras,’ I don’t mean that they grabbed the leopard print one and wore it to work under a sheer white tunic or wore someone else’s bra. I mean that most women wear bras that don’t fit them well. I wore ill-fitting bras for years and never thought a thing about it until I met a professional bra-fitter.

She changed my life. She looked at what I was wearing, rolled her eyes and said, “honey, we need to get you into some bras that work for your boobs.” I thought, ‘huh? Does she think I’m wearing someone else’s bras that fit their boobs but not mine?’ But this was only the beginning of my lessons at “bra college.”

After she measured me, she gathered up about a dozen bras for me to try on. When I looked at the size, I started to protest.  She said, ‘now don’t get upset because this size is larger than the bra you wore in here. Besides, no one sees what size a bra is but you. Try them on!’

Well—I walked out of there with half a dozen brand new well-fitting bras and felt amazing. My entire body looked better with the right bra! My clothes fit better, and my so-so bust looked, well—perky.

I will tell you that the older you are, the more “*wubbies” you may have. But getting fitted for the right bra will even help disguise them. Also, you will pay a good price for a good bra, and it’s worth it. You can buy a bunch of crappy bras, look terrible in them and will need to replace them at least once a year. So why not spring for one or two really good bras that you will have for a long time?

Here’s something else I learned from the bra lady: wear your new bra no more than three days in a row (this is why you need to buy at least two bras at a time). Hand wash the bras gently in cold water with a cold water wash like Woolite. Squeeze the excess water out gently, and do NOT wring or twist! (And for Heaven’s sake to NOT put your bras in the washer and dryer!) Hang them up to air dry. Your bras will last a lot longer with good care.

Now I like an underwire bra, but your bra fitter will help you with another type if you don’t like the underwire. Trust me, there are a ton of terrific bras out there just waiting to make you look fabulous in whatever you’re wearing. And if you find a bra you love but feels a little too constrictive, your bra lady will gladly sell you a bra extender. They are inexpensive and will make you feel more comfortable.

One more thing: don’t worry about your bra lady seeing your naked breasts or waistline or wubbies. She’s seen it all; mastectomies, scars, weird-looking nipples, etc. Nothing phases bra-fitters because they are on a mission to help you find the right bra so that you will feel good and look good.

I just bought two brand new bras yesterday and feel terrific. They fit well, and I always feel “uplifted” afterwards. You are worth a good bra, and you will be astonished at how good you’ll look.

*Wubbies are what we call that armpit/side boob flub that you get even with a good-fitting bra. Unless you get plastic surgery, wubbies will always be there. Live with it.