What exactly is a talisman? Webster’s dictionary defines it as “an object believed to give supernatural powers or protection to its bearer.” So that being the case, a talisman can be whatever it is that makes us feel protected and safe.

A talisman or “lucky piece” can make us feel safe in a world where we have limited power over the “slings and arrows of outragous fortune.” Talismans can be anything from a lucky coin, a smooth stone found on the beach, a special ring, a rabbit’s foot, a four-leaf clover, a polished gem; it can be anything that strikes us our own personal lucky piece.

For myself, I always have one or two moonstones on me at all times. This is my own talisman; having one in a ring or just having a polished one in a pocket makes me feel both safe and lucky. But that’s just me.

I also feel that my wedding ring is a special talisman. I had mine and the Crankee Yankee’s made from the same bar of sterling silver way back in 2002 when we got married. I have not taken it off since our wedding day. During the times I have had to have surgery and of course could not wear my moonstone ring or earrings into the OR, I begged to keep my wedding band on. The nurses would always roll their eyes, but would cover it in a bandage.

My mother never took off her own wedding band. She also had hers and my dad’s made with her specifications (and in fact I liked the look of them so much that I modeled ours after theirs). Right before she died, she told me to take her diamond engagement ring, but that she wanted to keep her ring, her talisman, with her. Of course I made sure that happened; the same with my dad.

Some folks are shy about admitting that they keep a special talisman on them at all times. Some feel a bit foolish for feeling that their luck or safety depends on what they keep as a talisman; others have no such reservations and will gladly show you what their special one is.

Whatever your personal talisman is, and your personal belief about it, don’t feel silly about it. If it works for you, good deal. A talisman can be a powerful companion that brings both comfort and peace.

Yesterday I went in for another procedure on my left breast; removing two tiny areas that were missed during my original surgery. The procedure was done in the office with a local anesthetic and, although I knew that I wouldn’t feel much of anything, I was still a little apprehensive. So you can bet that I went in there with moonstone earrings, a moonstone bracelet and a moonstone ring! Additionally, I told myself that everything was going to go perfectly well, and that any pain would be minimal.

Well, behold and lo, it was minimal. While I believe that the local did make a difference, I just felt better having those talismans with me. Who knows; it may all just be in my head, but I felt good enough to tell my doctor a few jokes. Before I knew it, it was over. Once I’m healed, the next step is radiation and Tamoxifan.

Call me crazy, but I will be bringing at least one moonstone in there with me.