Housework Mysteries

I am an ‘ok’ housekeeper; that is, I don’t drop a pot full of spaghetti sauce on the floor and leave it there to harden for all eternity. Let’s just say that I keep up, and there are not too many visible messes.

However, over time I’ve discovered what may be another dimension–that of housework mysteries. I’m reaching out here because I have some questions about these mysteries. I encourage comments; there are some housework mysteries I just can’t figure out.

Housework Mystery 1: I use Windex for a lot of things. As you know, the top of the bottle has a little square top with a tiny hole from which the liquid squirts. Here’s my question: after I’ve used the Windex, I put it away with the little yellow top still in the position I last used it. Should I pick up the bottle to use it in, say, three days, I spray whatever surface I want to clean, and–NOTHING COMES OUT.

Mind you, I can see that there is a raised “ON” and “OFF” printed on the sides of the little yellow square, but it LIES.

I left the dang thing in place after I used it the last time. Shouldn’t that mean that it will spray just as it did the last time I used it? But it doesn’t, and I’ll be dipped if I can figure out why. Is there some evil Windex fairy who maliciously turns the little yellow square around once I put it away?

Housework Mystery 2: When I pick up the toaster to clean out all the toast crumbs and bagel debris, I first remove the little pan at the bottom. I dump out all the crumbs, clean it and put it back. But when I pick up the toaster, I can hear more crumb-age rattling around in there. So I tip the toaster upside-down and shake it. More crumbs fall out; good deal! But when I turn it back over, there are still crumbs rattling around. What the heck are they hanging onto where they won’t spill out?

Housework Mystery 3: I keep a big purple ceramic open-mouthed frog on the left side of the sink. His job is to hold a soap pad in his mouth so that I  can use it when I need to. When I change the old rusty soap pad for a new one, I dump out any residual water that might be in Froggie’s mouth. But when I turn him over, his bottom is covered in old soap. Is this ceramic frog poop?

Housework Mystery 4: Hairy rugs–we have three beautiful Persian rugs that we love. Unfortunately, the cats love them, too, so there is a constant scrim of black, white, gray and yellow fur on them. Either the Crankee Yankee or I will vacuum these rugs so that the original jewel-like tones are bright again. Usually we brush the cats first to cut down on cleanup. Once vacuumed, we all enjoy how truly lovely those rugs are. But even after brushing and vacuuming, the cats’ fur is again on the rugs in record time (in hours, not days). What–does vacuuming encourage cat fur growth? We are starting to think so.

So, please do weigh in on these strange housework mysteries. I’d love to hear if the same strange stuff happens to you, too!