All Hail the Unipiper!

Back in 2014, Jimmy Kimmel had an unusual guest on his show; The Unipiper; Brian Kidd. His act was so “out there” and hilarious that I published a post about him. I saw his act a while ago, and it still makes me laugh. I absolutely love the weird and wonderful, and I hope the following makes you laugh as hard as I did.

Heaven knows these days we can use some laughs…..

Brian Kidd is a nice-looking young guy from Portland, OR who is locally known as The Unipiper. He is famous for helping the local slogan “Keep Portland Weird” to stay alive and well.

His particular claim to fame is that he learned to play the bagpipes, found a unicycle in a dumpster, has a friend who knows how to add pyrotechnics to just about anything, and is a Darth Vader fan. He managed to put all these disparate elements together to make a pretty unforgettable piece of performance art.

On Jimmy Kimmel’s show, he donned his Darth Vader helmet, hopped on his unicycle, and began playing the Star Wars theme on his bagpipes. Every few seconds flames shot out of the ends of his bagpipes!

Well–I was speechless. I laughed until I nearly passed out. Not only do I love bagpipe music, but anyone riding a unicycle has my ready laugh and my admiration. And flames shooting out of bagpipes? Genius! Oh, yes–and I also love Star Wars.

It’s easy enough to find this clip online, and I highly recommend it to anyone needing some ready cheer. How could anyone possibly stay in a bad mood after seeing this?

Good on ya, Brian! Keep up the good work!

PS: Brian is still at it!