Little Bits Here and There

I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t do everything all the time. Oh, we may think that we can, but rarely can we do it all at once. My new credo is “little bits” I do here and there. This way I can tick them off my list and feel as though I did something to justify my existence during the day.

Those of us who are list makers understand the joy of crossing off the things on our “to do” list. Even if there is something I forgot to write down and I took care of it, I add it to my list and then cross it off, done and done!

This way, when I’m done for the day, I can say to myself that I did this, that and the other thing during the day. It’s a simple thing to do, but so satisfying. The list needn’t be a big deal, either. For example, my list for today reads:

  1. Vacuum and dust (I HATE vacuuming, so it’s first on the list. I just want to get it over with!)
  2. Organize all those random ‘I’ll do it later’ papers on my side of the desk.
  3. Pick up the few items we need at the grocery store.
  4. Go for my pond walk.
  5. Do a little planting in the empty raised beds.
  6. Go to the library and get more reading fodder.
  7. Take those three bags of sheets, towels and blankets we no longer need to the animal shelter.

Each one of these chores matter, but in and of themselves they aren’t really monumental. This is what I call my “little bit” system. A little bit here and there I can handle; but a whole lot things all at once just knocks me out. Somewhere I read that if you just take a task at 15 minutes at a time, you will slowly but surely get it all done. We don’t have to do absolutely EVERYTHING at once!

So today’s mantra is this:

Here and there and bit by bit,

I erase the tasks that I see fit.

Some may start small

But through it all

What needs to get done

Will all be done—

Little bit by little bit

I cross off each task with a loud “now, GIT!”