A “Dope Slap” From the Universe

I spent last Sunday visiting my parents, and helping with various tasks for them. I also brought potato salad, a big favorite. As I enjoyed a wonderful lunch with them, I thought of the many years we had all sat together over many meals, laughing, talking, and sharing our various days’ stories. I thought of all the time gone by, and wondered as I always do, where in the heck all that time went.

While I love and treasure all those memories, I mourn that eventually they will come to an end. Which of course makes my always-easy tears flow.

The next morning the Crankee Yankee mentioned that we have a small wasp nest behind the insulation on the front porch. He has been working on that wall, and the little buggers took advantage and made a summer home out there. He said that he was going to blast them with wasp spray soon. I had just sat down in the rocker to enjoy a slice of fresh canteloupe and a cup of coffee when one of the little SOBS landed on my ear and stung me!

Well! That turned the Crankee Yankee into Rambo V and he sprayed the very hell out of the nest. I used the old sting stand-by, ice, and held it against my throbbing ear for a good half hour. As I sat there, cursing every wasp that ever lived, I had to laugh. Here I was, the tears still in my eyes, virtually burying my parents while they are still very much alive, and thinking selfishly about how that would affect ME.

And while I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself, a wasp comes along and delivers a ‘dope slap’ from the universe! It was just as though someone had said, ‘oh, for Heaven’s sake, can’t you just enjoy this day? Yes, your parents are going to die, you are going to die, everyone is going to die–eventually. But that day is NOT today, so pull up your big girl pants, take a good look around and be grateful for TODAY!’

Once that message sunk in, I felt a lot better and I have a clearer outlook on life in general. For the moment, the mountains have turned back into little molehills, and I can actually see the forest in spite of the trees. I feel thankful, happy, blessedly free of tears, content and am looking forward to each day for what it brings; moreover, what I can bring to it.

I’m grateful for the nearly-every evening phone call with Mom, the times when Dad gets on the other phone “just to tell you I love you,” and what a gift that is. That, and the Crankee Yankee, my amazing granddaughter, Ava; our friends, the cats, all the people in our lives, and so much, much more.

…and even the damned wasps!