Honesty NOT the Best Policy??

Doesn’t it seem that the truths we grew up, such as “honesty is the best policy,” and “do to others what you would for yourself,” and so on have just gone right into the ditch?

When I hear on the news that someone has gotten away with doing terrible things and then got caught (think of Bernie Madoff), I have to wonder what in the world they were thinking? And how in the world did they think they could get away with what they did?

Most astonishing of all is that most of them act as though:

  1. It was only “business,” and nothing personal.
  2. Someone took over their body and did these awful things; it wasn’t their fault!
  3. They have some weird some nutritional deficiency that caused them to murder someone, steal money, sell drugs to children, and so on.

When I hear of some dumb cluck who robbed a convenience store and got caught, I have to wonder how that thought process went:

Dumb Cluck: “I need money. Hey—I know; I’ll rob a convenience store!”

If he/she were a little smarter cluck, he/she might then say: “Oh, but if I’m caught, I could go to jail. Maybe I’d better not do that.” But they don’t seem to get the ‘smart’ thing, do they?

Of course, the Crankee Yankee, being the Crankee Yankee, always says this when robberies and other acts of mayhem occur during the cold weather:

“Well, there’s another one who needs three hots and a cot.”

Meaning three meals a day they can count on (in prison), and a bed (in prison). If so, that’s crying shame that things have devolved so badly for this person.

On the other hand, there is the trying-to-do-the-right-thing that often goes sideways. You made a mistake, or forgot to pay a bill, or you weren’t charged for something you should have been charged for, and so on. You try to make it right, and it turns out to be so difficult you feel like giving up and just joining the other dumb clucks.

I just don’t get it. Whenever I try to do the right thing, it seems a lot harder than if I did the wrong thing. For example, my dad and I each had a credit card from his account; I was able to use it when necessary, and Dad paid the bill. When he died, I let the credit card company know and told them to bill me for the outstanding balance.

Well—you would think that I asked them for a kidney. I originally called in late April, and in mid-May I called again and asked for a bill. A few weeks later I called again, and was assured that a bill would be sent. It is now mid-June and still no bill.

So I wrote a letter to the customer service department for this company, AND their corporate offices. I explained the situation, and specified that I wanted to pay the balance owed, and could I please get a bill? As of today, no bill. What’s wrong with this picture?!

Have things changed so significantly that dishonesty is now the best policy? If so, I never got the notice. OR a bill.