The Ever-Changing Bucket List

Do you have a “bucket list?” You know—things you want to do before you “kick the bucket?” I used to have an extensive one. It started with me riding an elephant and ended with me traveling around the world. In the middle were entries about meeting a few famous people, writing *TGAN, and other lavish plans.

Well, what I didn’t realize then was this simple truth–our dreams, aspirations and plans change with time. It’s the same kind of realization I had when I was in my mid-30’s; all during my “party years” where I went out a lot, danced the night away, flirted and thoroughly enjoyed the night life—I dreaded getting older. I thought, ‘how will I feel when I can’t do this any more? What if people laugh at me for being an old lady going to a club?’

Now that seems hilarious. People change–I soon realized that I wasn’t having all that much fun partying  anymore or staying out late. For the first time, I noticed how loud it was in clubs, and how many people acted like idiots–no judgement; I was one of them, too. I realized that that time was behind me, and I didn’t regret it a bit.

As for my working life, as many times as I had eagerly told an interviewer that I was a true “people person,” I soon realized that I wasn’t. There used to be a “personality test” you took when interviewed for a job that included questions such as “When you are interrupted while working, does it bother you?’ I always claimed it didn’t; that I could easily go right back to the task at hand afterwards.

Honestly, I despise being interrupted while working on something. In fact, I crafted those personality tests (they have probably gone the way of the dodo bird now since we are all supposed to be so terribly **PPC these days) to make myself look like the most desirable candidate for the job; hardly a bit of truth at all.

I spent most of my career as a technical writer, and my happiest jobs were the ones that required me to be alone in an office, working on a manual. Those were the jobs that I really liked.

So–back to the bucket list. Some of the headliners in my current bucket list are pretty tame compared to what I used to have in there. But these are the things that bring me joy; things I am doing now, and things I would like to do in the future. Here are some of the top entries:

  • To continue to have many great visits and talks with my wonderful dad
  • To continue to laugh and live happily with the Crankee Yankee
  • To enjoy my ***two granddaughters as they grow up
  • To be with my dearest friends as much as possible
  • To keep on herding cats
  • To keep on reading, writing, making jewelry, singing and dancing my one hula
  • To walk on the beach as often as possible
  • To still get a thrill out of finding beach glass and sea shells
  • To thoroughly enjoy and appreciate every season
  • To enjoy and cherish every breath, every sight, every sound, every dream and every experience
  • To know love and to show love

…and I continue to add to this list as often as I can….

*The Great American Novel

**Painfully Politically Correct

***Yup, we have a new granddaughter, born April 7 of this year.