Get Over Yourself

Everything that happens to you

Isn’t always all about you.

You may weep or scream or stamp in anger—

But don’t expect the world to take on your self-aggrandizing cause.

Get over yourself.

Sometimes it is YOU that is wrong,

Not the world around you.

Often you are making a huge deal over nothing of importance,

Expecting everyone around you to pick up your flag and march to your drummer—

Get over yourself.

Did you ever think it might be YOU that is the problem?

Did you ever think that you, yes, even YOU, might possibly be wrong?

The world will spin along just fine whether you like it or not—

Because you are simply another grain of sand on the beach.

Get over yourself.

Climb off your high horse and admit you might be out of line.

Get down here with the rest of us imperfect people

And rest your head on our shoulders.

You’re just having a bad moment or day or week or year, but still—

Get over yourself!

(Dear much-appreciated readers: this is directed solely at myself about getting over a major hissy fit. I did actually get over myself.)