Northern Lights Haiku

Horizon is lit

With unearthly streams of light

Shimmering green glow!


The Slippery Slopes

It’s a slippery slope we’re sliding on

Considering that we share the world we’re biding on—

One city’s flood

Is another city’s mud

It may not be that a tsunami begins by butterfly wings

But it can be triggered by so many other things

Depending on where our thoughts have gone—

Or who it is we are depending on—

Will we do what is right and choose to be kind

Or be self-serving and pretend to be blind?

Will we recognize what’s wrong and know it?

Or will we do what is right and show it?

Be careful with promises and threats

Be suspicious of false bets

Too much ego can take us too far to turn back

Too much anger can lay down the track

To a destination that leads only one way

To a place where we all must pay.

But it’s still it’s not too late

To work together to overturn hate

And overlook all things that divide us

And bring out all the good that’s inside us.




On the Edge

On the edge of ready tears

I am still learning to face my fears—

Bad dreams and worry

Only make me hurry

To stand on my own

Never really alone

I have not lost my powers—

Even when I’ve lost hours

Of sleep, peace, hope, dreams—

The present time is not what it seems

Only a pass-through to the light

Where I can rest, and leave the fight

That weakens and holds me fast

To the grief of future, present and past—

This must end; it can’t go on

This will not be my swan song—

I’ve lived with this for far too long

I believe my heart will let go its pain

Let go its loss and hurt, and breathe again.

(Happy birthday, Dad; you would have been 93 today.)