Angels in the Clouds

Today I looked up in the sky

And saw two angels winging by—

The clouds had shaped into both of you

I wonder if others had seen you, too.

But I know that in my heart of hearts

That vision is where understanding starts.

I know you watch and are near to me,

Even though I will not get to see

You as you were on Earth when we were together

But I know we are bound by an unseen tether

That keeps us close, but with a light and loving Hand,

And memories of love and joy for years; how grand!

I know those angel-shaped clouds were meant for me

Though I am now one, I was once one of three—

Those who go on before us

Make a loving path in faith and trust for us

I could not tell if those angels were you,

All I know is that what I saw was true.



When the Storm is Over

Last night the rain and thunder shuddered and grumbled,

And in our house we sheltered together, humbled

Remembering that only our newly-repaired roof kept us dry

And safe, no need to worry or cry—-

The cats stayed uneasy until the last rolling battle

Of hot and cold air and threat of hailstones to rattle

Us and keep us all up, nervous,

Until it all faded away at once and left, impervious

To all the human and feline nerves it jangled and upset—

We were glad to see the end of it, you bet!

But the gift it grudgingly left was a well-watered garden

Enjoying the fresh water bombardment;

Peas, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, leeks,

Onions, garlic, herbs, lettuce, arugula, beets—

They got rain and we’ll have salads

Thanks to the rain for its noisy ballads!



Rainy Day in May

“Rain, rain, go away—

Come on back another day!”

And as a kid,

I wish it did—

Except that in our current water ban

I welcome the free deluge for our gardens more than

A sunny day that blasts those tender shoots

And shrivels our growing produce to the roots—

So rain, please stay, fill up the rain pails

And let those shoots grow into bales

Of peas and tomatoes and peppers and beets

Before the coming summer sun heats

Up all those striving, growing things—

Let’s see what the end of May brings!