Icy Haiku

Icy crunch, first snow—

Lacy cat tracks mark their steps

Tracing their journey.


Let’s All Just Fluff Our Auras

Let’s take the time to fluff our auras

Forget about all the rips and roarers—

Relax and let go worry

And all the other hurry-hurry—

It’s hard on our hearts and souls

You can’t pour your energy out of empty bowls;

It boggles the mind!

So what we do to unwind

Is to stop and think—

Pour ourselves a drink,

Then take that worn-out aura

Shake it smartly, and let it pour a

Ton of peace and good will

Into our hearts and souls; may they both refill

With light, hope and love—

That flows below and above

Just now and then, fluff your aura:

And you will feel the tension no mora.