Count Hours Not Coins Haiku

Count your hours now—

Coins won’t make them last longer,

The hours count more.

Watch for the Moon

Each night I watch for the moon,

Even in a monsoon in June,

I still watch for the moon,

Singing this tune:

“Oon, *Judoon, big balloon!

Zoom, flume, honeymoon!

Soon, goon, big typhoon!

Boon, coon, lovers’ moon!

Gloom, doom, great big boom!

Sand dune, straight-up noon.

Elves’ rune—magic tune.

Spoon, zoon, blue baboon!

And so much for the moon in June!”

*The¬†Judoon¬†were a race of rhinocerid humanoids from the planet Judoonia, frequently employed as a mercenary police force. (From BBC’s “Doctor Who” series.)