The Power of Babies

The other day I stopped in to our local coffee shop and ordered a chai latte. A dear friend of mind introduced me to this delicious brew, and I fell in love with it. If you’ve never had a chai latte, it is a lovely experience; fragrant with spices, hot, and with enough milk foam on top to make you feel decadent.

As usual, I had a book with me which I read while enjoying my drink. Two women with babies came in, and all of a sudden it seemed like every older woman and man clustered around to admire them.¬†Admittedly, they were both very cute; one in a stroller and one in her mother’s arms.

Babies have this wide-eyed, all-seeing stare that seems to drill all the way into your soul. It was easy to see that the small crowd of grandmas and grandpas were captivated. Their unabashed cuteness makes the strongest of us weak in the knees.

Oh, babies….those cute, funny, endearing, poopy little attention grabbers! At that age, it is ALL about them and no one else. How great would it be if we could all carry that self-love and sense of importance all the way into our golden years? Babies know that they are the center of the universe, and they have the power to reduce us all into grinning monkeys at a blue-eyed glance.

I never had children of my own, but I do have three granddaughters; two from the Crankee Yankee’s daughter, and one from my step-daughter from my first marriage. They are miracles in my life; I never thought I would ever be anyone’s grandma. And now I am “Lulu” to them all.

Before all this, I used to be walking in grocery stores, malls, shops, etc. and hear babies shrieking or toddlers screaming “Mommmmmeeeeee!” and think smugly, “…and THAT’S why I never had children!”

Funny how becoming a grandma can change you—for the better.