Make a List!

I am a list maker, and as each day goes by, my list grows and grows. I have lists of daily “to do” things, weekly things, monthly things, yearly things; things that I plan to get around to (eventually), things that absolutely, positively and definitely cannot wait; and of course, those things I can just do “whenever.” If I added up the hours I spend on listing, I would probably log several weeks per year.

I can’t help it–lists soothe me. Just by having them, I feel as if I am really accomplishing things. For example, one of the items on my daily list is keeping up with my posts here in Luluopolis-land. Generally, I prepare a post the night before I want to publish it. After a night’s sleep, I read it aloud (which helps me catch all kinds of errors before I publish), edit it, read it aloud once more, then press the Publish button. I try have a new post published each morning, and I feel terrible and out-of-sorts when I miss my own deadline–such as today.

Part of the fun of having a list is crossing things off the list. It gives me the kind of satisfaction I think that astronomers must feel when they discover a new comet. They must exclaim, ‘WOW! A brand new comet! This one isn’t listed in any scientific journal (I already checked), nor have any of my fellow stargazers seen this one. I’m going to name if after my 18-month old son, Nostradamus Orion Nebula Eastwick! It will be known forever after as the NONE Comet! Oh, wait..that doesn’t sound right at all. Let me rethink this..’

Just having the list organizes my day; it’s sort of the bone structure for the whole 24 hours. Sometimes I will go “off-list” and perform something I just realized I needed to do. This means I get to integrate this new item into the list (which usually means that I’ll scrap my original list and re-write it so that the new item appears to have always been there), which means I have the pleasure of crossing it off right away. I feel so accomplished, so in tune with the world, when I sit back at the end of the day and count those crossed-off items on my list like pirate treasure. The remaining items get written on another piece of paper to prepare for the next day.

By the way, a list isn’t a list unless it’s handwritten. Keeping a list on a mobile device just doesn’t do it for me; it’s the physical fact of writing down and crossing out that makes me happy. If all this sounds weird and unnecessary, well–too bad. That’s how I roll. It may or may not work for you, but it does wonders for me.

Perhaps some day there will be an Olympics of some sort that non-sports folk like me would understand and follow. List-Making And Crossing Those List Items Off would be a major event. Also, other “sports” I could follow would be these:

  • Husbands Who Vacuum When They Say They Will
  • Cats Who Don’t Hog the Whole Bed at Night
  • Teens Who Can Go An Entire Day Without Saying “Like”
  • Old People Who Can Go An Entire Day Without Saying “Back in my day…”
  • Telephone Scammers Who Admit They Are Running a Scam As Soon As You Answer Your Phone
  • Dogs Who Will Not Fart In the House
  • Drivers Who Can Still Parallel Park By Themselves

..and so on. Wouldn’t that be fun? But of course List-Making would be the main event. I think I’ll start working out right now….