The Magic Phrase

Just think about it; someone can be screaming at you because they don’t like your politics, your religion, your outlook on life, and so on. So what do you say to all that negativity? What magic phrase could possibly make things better?

Just this: “I’m sorry I disappointed you.” I heard this first from a female comic on TV who said that she stopped hecklers in their tracks this way. When you say this, what more is there to say? As the military says, “HUA (Heard, Understood, Acknowledged)”!

I thought about how this would work with people who don’t agree with you, who might think you’re an idiot, or who think you are just *shining your behind. This magic phrase pretty much squashes an argument.

These days it seems like the tiniest thing can set some people off. It used to be that, if you bumped into someone by mistake, you would immediately apologize and smiles would be exchanged and all would be well.

Now that sort of thing today could cause a tornado of expletives, a shove or worse. It seems like so many of us are so full of fear and anger that they make any excuse to take it out on someone.

The older I get, the less I want to cause controversy or anger. When I am out and about, I smile, I look people in the eye and say “good morning/good afternoon.” I do this because I have lived long enough to know that being cranky or self-absorbed or too full of myself (all crimes I have committed over the years) just doesn’t work for me anymore.

Besides, I find that if I put some good vibes out in the world, they tend to come back to me. Of course, the converse is true as well; put out bad vibes, and they will rumble right on back to you. I can make the choice of COCI (Crap Out/Crap In) or GOGI (Good out/Good In). Believe me; GOGI is so much better!

And when an angry person wants to rage at you for something you did or did not do, the magic phrase will go a long way in deflating the situation. As my wise and late mother-in-law used to say, “it couldn’t hurt.”

*This is an old Irish saying for someone who brags or boasts or otherwise calls attention to themselves. My grandmother was Irish to the core, and her version of this saying was always, “just who do they think they are?”