No More Self-*Depreciation!

Let’s stop “de-appreciating” ourselves. Let’s not compare ourselves with other people. Let’s not discount all the good things we do in life. Let’s not look in the mirror with distaste. Let’s not grieve that we are no longer young. Let’s stop “shoulding” on ourselves; as in ‘oh, I should have done this, done that, etc.’ Not everything is your responsibility.

Each time we put ourselves down for one reason or another, we cause ourselves unnecessary (and usually undeserved) pain.

In some of my posts I have mentioned the “sticky note on the bathroom mirror” prescription. One of the courses I took from the fabulous **Noreen McDonald is “The Power of Positive Thinking.” One of the homework assignments was to put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror reading “I Love [your name].”

This assignment was very difficult for a lot of people; we get so used to criticizing our looks in the mirror that it becomes a bad (and sad) habit. It takes a certain kind of courage to look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you.”

As easy as it is to continue a bad habit, it is easier than you think to make a good habit. I’ve done this for so long now that it’s second nature now for me to look at myself in the mirror and say, ‘hiya, gorgeous!’

It is amazing how even something this small can turn around our thinking. When we make this a daily event, it soon becomes a habit. When you listen to yourself complimenting yourself, there is a very real change that starts to bloom within.

Someone told me years ago that, whatever it is about yourself you are criticizing, there is always someone looking at you, wishing that they had your smile, your hair, your tiny feet (this was a big deal for me as I always had big feet), and so on.

Saying something positive about ourselves each day makes a profound change in our thinking and how we view ourselves. Sooner than you can believe, you begin to see yourself in a more positive light.

Let’s stop criticizing ourselves and give ourselves the break we would to a dear friend. If we keep looking for flaws in ourselves, we will find them. If we look for what is good in ourselves, we will find that as well.

*Depreciation means ‘to make or become less in price or value; to belittle.’

**Check out Noreen’s web site at and take a look at all the courses she offers. I have taken most of them, and they are life-changing!