A Moment in Time

This post is dedicated to the people who lost their lives yesterday in the Florida high school shooting, those who lost family members and friends, and all those whose lives have been changed forever. My prayers go out to you all.

They came to school as every day—

Leaving home with books and dreams

A moment in time; the same routine

Is new for each sunrise

We live our lives day to day; a moment in time,

Imagining the days and years to come—

High school graduation

College graduation

New job

A life companion

New home


A moment in time toward the future.

But those lost yesterday have lived their lives

In only a handful of years.

So much behind them, there was so much ahead—

They have gone on, unwillingly halted in this life,

Leaving grief in their wake

And their futures gone.

How do we live through this?

How do we reign in our anger and tears

Where is there an answer in this moment in time?

Those who have gone from us

Are with us still—

Just left too soon.