A Permission Slip to Have a Lazy Day

Ever feel guilty when you spend the day doing not much of anything? I’m the kind of person who not only writes “to do” lists, but has to check off each item so that, at the end of the day, I can feel I’ve accomplished a few things.

It’s a bit on the OCD side, but I do sleep better when, at the end of a day, I can say, “There! I did this, this, that, and this, too.” (I feel just a bit smug, too.) The hard days are those when I feel that I wasted a perfectly good day.

It’s not like I’ll get a gold star or anything; it’s that feeling of accomplishment, small as it may be.

Yesterday was definitely a lazy-bum-for-no-good-reason sort of day. It’s only been ten days since my knee revision surgery, and of course there is pain and itchiness all around the incision that’s driving me nuts. Depending on the pain level, I can walk with or without cane or walker. I can manage stairs if I am careful, and I try to keep up with my exercises to keep the knee flexible.

But then there are the ‘poor old me’ days when all I want to do is curl up under a blanket, drink lots of cold water and read. My appetite is crap; nothing tastes or looks good; and the poor Crankee Yankee tries so hard to pick up things to tempt me.

I find that for a lot of the time I want to just sleep; which works out great for our five cats. For them I am a person-shaped heating pad, and they cluster all around me, snoring lightly and purring mightily. It’s actually a pretty nice way to spend the day, until that old *nosey parker, Guilt, creeps in along with them.

It whispers, “shouldn’t you being doing something now?” “Don’t you think you’ve slept long enough today?” “There are dirty dishes in the sink, you know!” And so on and on.

Well, after other surgeries in the past that caused me to be sleepy for a long time, I have learned to shut Guilt up. All I have to do now is to say (out loud, of course) “Beat it! This is my lazy day! I’ve EARNED it! Go AWAY!”

Try it yourself, and tell Guilt to take a hike!

*Busy body.