Just Say “Thanks…”

I don’t know about you, but years ago if I got a compliment on my outfit, I would say things like, ‘oh, this old thing? I’ve had it for years!’ Now if you were the one giving the compliment, would that response make you want to compliment me again? Not likely.

If someone is nice enough to admire your hair, your necklace, your clothing, your shoes, anything; just smile and say ‘thank you.’ That’s all that’s needed. Break it down: someone loves what you’re wearing so much that they want you to know how great you look in it. You smile at them and say, “thanks!” Easy-peasy; compliment given and accepted; everyone’s happy.

A compliment is a sweet gift, and a thank you is a nice acknowledgement. Many times we question the validity of a compliment; are they being condescending; do they really mean it? It easier to just acknowledge the compliment and try not to put any hidden agendas behind it.

We don’t need to make a meal out of this; just smile and say ‘thank you.’ Think of it this way: it makes you both happy. Even if you feel insecure about your looks, clothing, etc., just say a gracious ‘thanks’ and let it go at that.

So in this vein, thank you to everyone who reads my posts; I appreciate it!