When A House Becomes a Home…

A house becomes a home only when there is love in it.

A house becomes a warm shelter and safe place

When the people who dwell in it are filled with love and peace.

When the people who once lived there have moved on,

Whether by choice, family needs, or death—

They leave an invisible footprint of love and hope and joy.

When a house has been filled with laughter and love

Survived wind and weather and sudden changes—

It becomes so much more than brick, wood and mortar—

It becomes a fortress filled not with weapons, but with love, kindness and second chances.

When the people who have loved the house move on as they must,

They leave a bit of their presence there to mellow and sweeten.

When the new owners move in all their *lares and penates,

They are silently blessed and welcomed

Because a house is an ever-changing safe haven and protection

And all that love has settled in to make the house a home again.

*Lares and Penates: from the Latin, meaning household gods or personal/household effects.