Why I Love *Hodgepodge

I enjoy making beaded jewelry, especially bracelets. I can make “regular” ones with clasps, but I prefer making them with **memory wire. I decide what colors I want for each bracelet, and found long ago that I didn’t really care for making them in a specific pattern. Once I decide on the colors I want, I place the beads on the wire in a way that feels right to me. It sounds funny, but as I am putting them together I get a feel for what beads seem to want to go where.

I also like to place a “surprise” bead in the bracelets, too. For instance, I may be making a purple and silver bracelet, and then add in one gold bead. It’s sort of a good luck charm, funny as that sounds. If I am making one for someone I know, I incorporate the colors I know that they like.

I am aware of what I call “healing colors;” blue, sea-green, amber, rose, white, crystal, purple, soft green, aqua and periwinkle. Then there are “chakra colors,” each of which pertain to a certain area of the body. I won’t go into specifics here as there is a ton of information about this you can read online.

If you work enough with colors, they sort of let you know where they need to be. I assume that those who paint get a feel for this as well as I do making jewelry.

Hodgepodge isn’t for everyone. Some people do not like things out of place; they prefer balance and order. That’s fine—as my uncle used to say, “If everyone liked the same thing, there wouldn’t be enough to go around.” So, to each his/her own.

But for me, I love anything hodgepodgery!

*Hodgepodge: a heterogeneous mixture jumble; hodgepodge of styles

**Memory wire:

Beadalon Remembrance Stainless Steel Memory Wire Bracelet, Extra Large