Late People

No, I don’t mean dead people, I mean people who are chronically late. When I lived in Texas, I used to work with a guy who was late for everything. Not only that, but he was rather tight with his money as well. So when I found out that he had signed up for a kayaking weekend and had paid for it in advance, I figured that he certainly wouldn’t be late for that.

Nope—he wasn’t just a little late; he was seven hours late. To this day it boggles my mind that someone could be that late to anything. My mother had a name for late people; an FFA: “Freddy Fart-Around.” This guy was all that and more

I truly don’t believe that people like this actually mean to late. Also, I don’t think that they are trying to irritate their friends by being late, they just lose track of time. They become so wrapped up in doing ‘just one more thing’ that they end up late for everything.

However, there are consequences to being late. Some people just go about their business, and if the FFA misses the boat, too bad. Others just tell their FFA to be there an hour earlier than necessary. So if dinner will actually be at 7pm, you tell the FFA to be there by 6pm. That means that they should be there around 7pm. Or thereabouts.

There are many theories about why some people are always late. While it doesn’t necessarily bother the person who is late, it bothers the hell out of those who are waiting for that person. Regarding the FFA I used to work with, I learned to just go on without him. Once I waited for him at the movie theater for so long that by the time he strolled in, the only seats available were about five feet from the screen. I came home with a stiff neck.

My take on late people is that they are who they are, whether or not they mean to be late.  I think that some people are just wired to be late. It’s one of things you have to roll with; either accept them as they are, or you can just drop them like a hot potato.

When I left Texas to come back to the Northeast, I kept in touch with my FFA friend  for a while. He used to tell me that he really wanted to find ‘the right girl’ and get married and have kids. Mind you, at the time he was nearly 40.

But sure enough, a few years later, I got a phone call from him, telling me that he had married a friend of his and that they were very happy. I knew this woman, and she was every bit as ditzy and as late as he was. She was in her early 40s, and I seriously doubt that they ever got around to having kids……

They probably are thinking that they will “get around to it.” I have my doubts.