Goodbye to 2017, and There We Are

If you are in my era, you will remember the break-out show called “*That Was the Week That Was.” Long story short, it was a brand new TV show that provided a new look at the weekly news.

For me, this year has been “That Was the Year That Was.”

With that in mind, there were many changes and life events during 2017. Some were great, others not so much. We moved my dad into our home on March 21, and loved the time with him. He died peacefully on April 22.

Dad, who thought that all his friends were gone and that no one would be there to “see him off” at the cemetery where Mom, and both his parents sleep—dozens showed up on a cold rainy day to honor him. Many hugs and tears and funny stories emerged that day.

There was all the kerfuffle about selling Dad’s house, which finally changed hands on August 4. There were weeks and months of settling the estate, and mounds of paperwork that went with it.

Somewhere in all of this, we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.

There were biopsies and surgeries and doctor and dental visits, and one ER event; life goes on.

There were old friends and some new friends who became a lifeline for me. I will never forget their kindness, compassion and strength.

There were numerous trips to our wonderful vet for all the cats; nothing too serious. But each and every cat universally hated it.

When our old “computer fixit guy” retired, we found a young and savvy computer guy who conveniently lives in our neighborhood. He has been a lifesaver and teacher, and puts up with our near-Luddite life style concerning technology.

There were trips up north to visit the Crankee Yankee’s daughter and family. Our grandgirls, Ava (6 1/2) and Juliette (almost 2 years old), are a joy. As Christmas was too cold and snowy to go up, we had a second Christmas this weekend. Ava proudly read a book to me and only had to sound out two or three words. Juliette is babbling a mile a minute, and for the first time, she raised her arms for me to pick her up!

There were ups and downs all through the year, but these are things that we all experience. There has been so much more good than bad this year, and I am more happy than I can say. I don’t know how I deserved such a wonderful and amazing life, with so many wonderful people and pets in it, but, as Dad would say, “there we are.”

Happy New Year to us all!

*That Was the Week That Was, informally TWTWTW or TW3, was a satirical television comedy programme on BBC Television in 1962 and 1963. It was devised, produced and directed by Ned Sherrin and presented by David Frost. An American version by the same name aired on NBC from 1964 to 1965, also featuring Frost.

The programme is considered a significant element of the satire boom in the UK in the early 1960s. It broke ground in comedy through lampooning the establishment and political figures. Its broadcast coincided with coverage of the politically charged Profumo affair and John Profumo, the politician at the centre of the affair, became a target for derision. TW3 was first broadcast on Saturday, 24 November 1962.