Who Ya Gonna Call?

I know the kind of things that will bother me greatly if I pay attention to them. Frankly, the list is too long to enter here, but some of the highlights are these:

  • Anything to do with the death or harm to my loved ones
  • Anything to do with animal abuse, especially cats
  • Anything to do with deep water
  • Anything to do with ship and plane wrecks on the bottom of the ocean
  • Anything to do with poisonous bugs, especially spiders
  • Anything to do with break-ins or home invasions
  • Anything to do with terrorism

While I like to be informed, I do not like putting myself through the agony of reading about or seeing things that I know will bother me. (Example: when the movie “Titanic” came out, I watched it with my hands up and ready to cover my eyes so that I would not see that horrific wreck. And no, closing my eyes was NOT enough.)

While I am pretty careful to steer clear of bothersome things, sometimes I get surprised—and not in the good way. I’ll be watching the news along with the Crankee Yankee, when suddenly there will be a close-up of; you guessed it—a wreck under water! Sheesh. I wish they would preface a sight like that with a disclaimer; ‘the following may upset some viewers.’

Being surprised is one thing; you don’t have much say over that. But when I KNOW that I am going to see or hear anything that I know will upset me, I leave the room. If I don’t, I can be sure of a sleepless night.

The sane half of my brain knows better than to be upset; in fact, I can just about hear it saying, ‘oh, c’mon now; you knew you will be up all night with this, so don’t watch/see/read it.’ But the less-sane half of my brain says, ‘oh, but what if this, or that or the other thing DOES happen?!’

So once I’m awake and stewing, this is what I do: I call on good old Archangel Michael for help. Michael is the most powerful of all angels; the go-to guy for immediate help, the one you can count on to get things done and fast. He is the one I call on when my thoughts spin out of my control and none of my usual methods work.

So how do you call on an angel, you may ask? Easy-peasey, lemon-squeezy. Just ask out loud: “Archangel Michael, please get rid of these worrisome, bothersome, hurtful thoughts in my head; I can’t do by myself. Please help.”

Here’s what happens: whether or not you believe in angels, once you’ve asked aloud for help, you will feel better. Even the sarcastic, scoffing part of your ego (you know, the part of your mind that always thinks it knows better than your gut instinct or your heart?) will be positively affected by your asking for help. Remember, action is always followed by energy, and by calling for help, help will come.

Asking aloud for help is very much like the Worry Box or God Box (please refer to my December 2015 post, “Worry Box” for more information); you can write down the things you worry about and put them in an actual box you have designated as the “Worry Box” or the “God Box.” Anytime you get worried or stressed out over something, you can remember that you already put that worry into your Worry Box, so you no longer need to stress about it. All things in the Worry Box are being handled.

As you are just as important, as valuable and as loved as any human on Earth, you are just as worthy to ask Archangel Michael for his help. Give it a try; what have you got to lose? He’s is always available, 24/7, 365 days a year.




Help for Getting Disturbing Thoughts Out of Your Head

If you’re like me and often can’t get disturbing or bothersome (or just plain awful) thoughts out of your head, I know who to call on for help: *Archangel Michael. This archangel is the head of all archangels; the big gun, the real deal, the go-to guy.

Why am I bringing this up? I do because you may be like me, constantly letting horrible thoughts haunt you. For me, what really bothers and hurts me is anything in the news or anywhere I hear about abused animals, especially cats. These stories hurt my heart and it used to be impossible for me to get those images and the sadness I felt out of my head. Oh, I know I have yapped on endlessly about keeping up your “shield” to protect yourself from bad energy, but anything like this just overrode everything in my head.

Finally I remembered who is it who helps us rid our minds and hearts of things that hold us back; Archangel Michael. Once I asked for help, I got it immediately—just like that. There is of course a **prayer you can say (please see below), but I believe in straight talk with him. Believe it or not, after fervently asking him to take those hurtful thoughts and images out of my head, he does. Or he makes it possible for me to let them go.

Here’s the thing: although the Crankee Yankee and I have four cats, two of whom were neighborhood strays, we can’t take every stray in. We donate as much as we can to our shelters, and drop off food, old towels and blankets; the usual. But to all the ones I can’t personally help, I ask the Big Guy for help.

I ask (politely, of course; he’s busy) him to please help all those who need it, and to let me know if there is anything I can do. Lastly, I ask him to please take those sad images out of my head so that they do not put me in permanent sadness and apathy, from where I can do nothing.

Give it a try. Here’s how I ask: “Dear Archangel Michael, please take these worrisome and disturbing thoughts out of my head. Thank you.” That’s it—and he takes it from there. As we say here at home, “easy-peasy, lemon-squeezey!”

*From the amazing Doreen Virtue’s website (www.doreenvirtue.com), here’s the scoop on Archangel Michael:

Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is probably the most famous of all the archangels. He’s been sainted, churches are named for him, and he features prominently in the Bible and other sacred texts. Ancient and modern artwork portray Michael as a muscular, athletic archangel with intensely powerful facial expressions and body language. Usually he’s painted with his sword poised above a pinned-down demon. This is to signify Michael’s primary purpose of slaying the ego and fear. Sacred texts and countless men are named after him.

When To Call On Archangel Michael

Each archangel has a specialty; and some, like Michael, have several. Here are some of Michael’s main ones:


As the defender of all that is pure, Michael is the epitome of strength and valor. He intervenes miraculously to save lives and to protect our bodies, loved ones, vehicles, belongings, and reputations.

Protection While in Vehicles

I’ve read and been told many accounts of Michael saving a driver from a potential accident. When you climb into a car, it’s important to ask Michael for protection. Remember that the archangels can only intervene if you ask for their help.

Protection of Belongings

Since Archangel Michael is the chief protector of everyone, it makes sense that he’s involved with watching out for our possessions. Again, this role doesn’t take him away from more pressing matters, since Michael is omnipresent.

Spiritual Protection

Archangel Michael is the supreme protector who guards against all effects of fear and fear-based energies. After all, this negative emotion is the driving force behind everything that’s unsavory in this world. Without fear, we have peace.

Michael will shield you from lower energies if you ask for his protection.

Protecting Job and Reputation

Archangel Michael protects us in many ways, including guarding our reputation and job status.

 **A Prayer to Archangel Michael

“Dear Archangel Michael, please surround me, my loved ones, and my home with your royal purple light to dissipate and ward off any lower energies. Please guide me clearly so that I may only interact with people who are living in truth and integrity.””



Another Angel Story

As we approach the holidays, I am reminded of a show I saw years ago that featured stories about people who claim to have been helped by angels. One story really touched my heart that I have never forgotten. A divorced mother and her young son were living in a cheap apartment,  and money was very tight. She had just lost her job waitressing for a coffee house nearby, and although she had a degree in accounting and an excellent work record, she could not find work in her field. None of her interviews had gotten her any closer to a job offer. Thanksgiving was approaching, and she was worried that she and her son might not be able to celebrate, let alone have a good meal.

Thanksgiving day dawn broke brightly, and there was frost twinkling on the grass. The mother took out three hot dogs from the freezer, plus three rolls. This, and a small can of beans, would be their Thanksgiving dinner.

She took her little boy to the playground, where they enjoyed the swings, the teeter-totter, the little merry-go-round, and several games of tag. They walked home hand-in-hand, laughing. Her little boy was happy, and looking forward to Thanksgiving. The mother was dreading it, as they had so little food.

As they approached the apartment complex, an older woman came out of the apartment above theirs. She greeted them, and asked if they would like to share Thanksgiving dinner with her. It seemed that her whole family was flying in from across the country, and their flight had been canceled.

“Please come in and help me eat up all this food!” the woman said. The young mother stammered, “But we don’t want to impose–what if your family gets another flight?”

The older woman laughed, and said, “With the weather so bad out there, I doubt that I’ll see them for weeks! So, if you don’t come in, all this food will go to waste.”

The mother and little boy looked at each other. The little boy said, “Mom, I’m hungry!” The older woman smiled and said, “Well, there you go. That’s what we need, some hungry people!”

Smiling, she opened the door. The mother and boy walked in and stared.

The table was set with a beautiful white cloth, and the china and glasses glittered in the light. There was a tremendous turkey filled with stuffing, a big bowl of mashed potatoes with butter melting on top, a gravy boat filled with delicious-looking gravy, a basket of hot rolls, a bowl of squash, one of fresh green peas, a crystal dish of cranberry sauce, and, at the far end of the table sat three pies, one apple, one blueberry, and one pumpkin.

They all sat down, said grace and helped themselves. All during the meal, the older woman asked the younger woman about herself, and asked her son about school. The younger woman found it easy to speak with her, and, for the first time since she lost her job, she felt happy and somehow confident that things were going to get better.

As they enjoyed the last crumbs of pie, the older woman insisted on packing up the leftovers for them. She hugged them both, and whispered into the mother’s ear, “everything is going to be just fine; you’ll see.”

After thanking the woman, the mother and son went downstairs to their apartment, put all the food away, and talked about what a good day it had been. For the first time in a long time, the mother slept well and without worry.

The next day after the boy had gone to school, the mother repackaged the leftover food from their meal, and washed and dried all the containers. She put them in a bag, and went upstairs to return them to the kind woman who had fed them. She knocked, but there was no answer. She knocked again and called out, but heard nothing.

The landlord appeared in the stairwell, and said, “No one lives there. Are you looking for someone?”

She explained about how the older woman had had she and her son over for Thanksgiving and that she wanted to return her containers. The landlord scratched his head and said, “That apartment has been vacant for months.”

“But the woman who lives here had my son and I over for Thanksgiving yesterday!” she said. The landlord looked confused and repeated that the apartment had been vacant for a long time.

Troubled, the mother walked downstairs. She knew that the woman had lived there; they had eaten her food, hadn’t they? She even had her containers to prove it! How could this be?

Later that day, she received a phone call from a company who had interviewed her weeks ago. She had given up on it, and had taken the waitressing job to make ends meet. It turned out that they had lost her file and had just located it, and wanted her to start work that week! The salary they quoted was far more than she could have imagined. Happily, she accepted, and hung up the phone.

Then she remembered what the older woman had whispered in her ear; that things would be better. Could it be that an angel had fed her and her son, and given her the job opportunity she needed so badly? There was no explanation for it.

But it happened.

NOTE: I personally believe in angels–I have had too many experiences to doubt their existence. There are angels and miracles all around us.

The Angels Are With You

The angels are with you wherever you go–

Whether by your side or when the winds blow.

They fly in to attend us,

To help us, to mend us–

They are there with you for your very first cry,

They are there with you as you pass on with your last sigh.

As we are born, they help bring us through

The mists of time and space where our souls once grew–

They are given to us as a gift born from love

They stay with us always, below and above.

They love us, keep us safe and protect us,

Guide, help, influence and direct us

Through life’s hardest passes and places,

And silently wipe the tears from our faces.

When things are too hard, and life seeks to confound–

Their wings wrap ’round us in comfort with no bounds.

They remind us that life is a gift whose ribbons reach far,

From our birthplace, our home and our brightest star.

You are never alone, so never fear–

Because all of your angels are always near.