So—What’s YOUR Super Power?

Marvel comic characters notwithstanding, there are many people I know who have what I call “super powers.” I have a dear friend who is a magnificent artist, and her media is jewelry, photography and painting. She has an outlook on life, spirituality and the beauty all around us that I’ve never seen in another person.

It is said that something an artist makes leaves its imprint on those who wear it, hear it or see it. Her jewelry is elegant, beautiful, and by turns; simple or lavish. Her photographs are amazing; anything from the deep pink heart of a rose, dew drops on a white lily, the iridescent inside of a seashell, and more.

Her paintings are textural, many-faceted, and paints are swirled and moved with anything from a fork to a palette knife. The designs are breath-taking; in viewing them you feel as if you are seeing the delicate and lacy footprints of angels on water and sky. To me, her ‘super power’ is how she sees the world and all its wonder, and then translates it via her media to the rest of us.

Another dear friend is compassionate, kind, considerate, funny, loving and generous. She and her husband care for her aging mother in their home. Her tenderness and devotion to her mother is pure love in action. As a friend, she is the kindest and most forgiving person I know. If this weren’t enough, she is also intelligent and is generous with her time and knowledge. Her ‘super power’ are her compassion, love and humanity.

My 92-year old father is what I would call a wise elder; a shaman of sorts. He has grown and changed over the years to become a respected elder of great wisdom, kindness, knowledge and compassion. He has learned to listen to his body, and uses the right foods, exercise and meditation to regulate his health. While he does work with his doctor, he relies more on what he knows is good or bad for his health, and acts accordingly.

Over the years he has become a wise sage who is generous with his wisdom and time, which enriches all of us around him. His ‘super powers’ are his life wisdom, experience, knowledge and kindness.

My mother was an amazing and many-faceted person. She got along with just about anyone. She was supremely organized, smart, funny, beautiful, efficient, self-directed, creative, and sharp. She could speak with anyone, and made it her business to reach a hand out to anyone who was shy or felt uncomfortable. She drew people to her like bees to honey. There wasn’t a thing she tried doing that she didn’t excel in; she could do anything.

If she didn’t like something or someone, you knew pretty quickly. She especially despised any wrangling about politics, and refused to listen to it. If people kept on talking, she would simply get up and walk away. Her ‘super powers’ were her magnetic personality, her amazing talents, and her fierce and loyal love.

My husband, whom I always refer to in these posts as the “Crankee Yankee,” is the best person I know. Besides being a good friend, companion, life partner, and literally jack of all trades; he is generous, kindhearted and willing to help anyone. I’ve always said that he is a much nicer person than I am. I feel lucky that he puts up with all my worries and fussiness and bossiness. His ‘super powers’ include his patience, generosity, kindness, and willingness to interact with people of all kinds.

So–what’s your super power? Everyone has one, even if they don’t yet realize it. (If you don’t see it in yourself, ask your friends and family. They’ll tell you.) Give yourself the credit you deserve; I’m betting that you have more super powers than you know.