How Much Jewelry Is Too Much?

That’s an easy question for me: NEVER enough! I routinely wear at least 18 pieces of jewelry every day. Why? Because it makes me happy. I believe that people should do the things that make them happy, and celebrate that happiness. If your thing is driving a fancy car, more power to you. If it’s real estate you love, go for it! If you can’t resist a pair of Prada shoes, buy them and wear them with happiness and pride.

I know women who color their hair just for the fun of it. They are honestly not trying to look younger; they just love the fun of purple hair one day, aqua and blue the next, and jet black for the hell of it. Why not? Whom does it hurt? No one.

My oldest granddaughter, Ava, at six years old has her own style. When she wears leggings, she always turns the cuffs up and wears a different sock on each foot. She loves necklaces and hair bows, and she follows no one’s fashion style except her own. I love that about her, and so much more.

I used to go to college with a girl who wore a different hat every day. It got so that I couldn’t wait to see what she wore each day. It could be a WWI mad bomber hat with furry flaps, a white sailor cap, a knitted hat with pom-poms, a baseball hat, a large straw hat, even a 1930s-style pork-pie hat. I loved her individuality.

I’ve found that over the years I’ve developed my own style and really don’t give a hoot if no one but me likes it. (That’s one of the deeply satisfying gifts of getting older; you just don’t bother to worry any longer about what other people think.) I love wearing “costume-y” stuff like filmy kimonos, batik tops and funky sandals. Come to think of it, I just plain love costumes. My next fashion adventure will be finding a *salwar to swan around in:

Image result for salwar

Gorgeous, no?

When we get to a certain age, I feel it’s time to just loosen up and wear what we love. Why not? For me it’s jewelry and costume-y clothes. As far as I know, I’m not hurting anyone.

The wonderful thing about getting older is that you finally, finally understand who you really are. So no, it isn’t so much a case of “how much jewelry is too much.” It’s more like “what do want these days?” It reminds of that scene in the movie “Gone With the Wind,” where Scarlet O’Hara is dressed in her widows weeds at a fund-raiser, not allowed to dance as she is a widow.

There is a shot of her feet, tapping away behind the counter, keeping time with the music. Suddenly Rhett Butler whisks her off to the dance floor (amidst gasps of horror that a widow is actually going to dance!) for the next reel. As they dance, there are shocked and disapproving looks all over the place. Rhett whispers to Scarlet, “I think we’ve shocked the Confederacy!”

What do you say? Let’s all “shock the Confederacy” if we feel like it!

*From Kameez salwars.