Christmas Traditions

Just about everyone I know has holiday traditions, especially around Christmas. In our family, we put up the Christmas tree and hung as many ornaments as we could on it. The last part was putting the star on the very top of the tree. As my dad was the tallest, he was the one to put it up. Mom decorated the living room and dining room; she always made it all look so beautiful.

Mom made delicious Christmas breads, and when they were done we walked through our neighborhood and gave them to our neighbors. Of course we kept one or two for ourselves, which we enjoyed with steaming cups of coffee.

When Christmas Eve came around, we drove to my grandparents house and had seafood chowder, Mom’s homemade parker house rolls, pickles, olives and celery stuffed with cheese spread. There was always my grandmother’s fabulous desserts, too.

Once dinner was over and the grownups enjoyed coffee and chatter. I went to the living room where the Christmas tree was filled with beautiful ornaments. Under the tree were beautifully wrapped with gold and silver paper. Of course, I always snooped to see how many gifts had my name on it.

Sometimes I would bring one of my stuffed animals who had a rip or tear. I would place them on one of the chairs, and in the morning, they all looked good as new. My grandmother of course sewed them up, but I always thought Mrs. Santa did.

I always stayed over night on Christmas Eve. When it was time to go to bed, my grandmother would give me a plate of her homemake cookies to take upstairs. I always brought a book to read as well.

When the cookies were eaten and I had read as much of my book as I wanted to, I would open the window just a crack to smell the piney air. I turned off the light, and settled in to go to sleep. As I drifted off, I could swear that I heard Santa’s ho-ho-ho and the jingle of the bells on his sleigh.

No matter how things are these days, let’s not forget our family traditions. They make us happy, and we lovingly remember all those lovely Christmases past.

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