Christmas is How You Make It

Well, most of us went through Thanksgiving by ourselves this year, thanks to the pandemic. Of course, this won’t be forever, but it does take some of the fun out of the holidays. This year we will stay home for Christmas instead of going up to Maine to be with the grandgirls. These days, sadly, it’s safety first. Hopefully we will see the end of  this pandemic sooner than later.

There are Christmas people and non-Christmas people; I am a huge lover of Christmas and all that goes with it. When December rolls around, I can’t wait to do all those  Christmasy things and put up our little Christmas tree in the living room window.

It originally was Mom’s and Dad’s tree; a little artificial one with the ornaments still on it. I love it because it was Mom’s and Dad’s, and each Christmas when we put it up, I smile thinking of them. It’s just big enough to grace our window, and high enough so that the cats can sleep under it. I still have more ornaments, which I cram onto the little tree; each one is a remembrance of Christmases past.

While the Crankee Yankee is sort of Grinchy each Christmas, I can always get him on the Christmasy side sooner or later. Like anything else, you can make your own fun if you decide to. And then there is the Christmas seafood chowder I make every Christmas; it’s what my grandmother started years ago. Making it always makes me smile thinking of her.

I remember so many Christmases past. All my family is gone, as well as most of my relatives and some of my friends. It makes me feel a bit odd sometimes; sort of like the last monkey in the zoo. But it still doesn’t stop me from enjoying Christmas and all that goes with it. By the way; I always say “Merry Christmas,” not “happy holidays.”

I am well aware that there are so many people out of work, people who have lost their businesses and so on. I wish them all the best and hope that all of us can come out of this as soon as possible. We have not seen the like of this since polio was the pandemic.

But I believe in making the most of Christmas, no matter what. I love the holiday and I  don’t think I will ever change. Although we are living in some tough times, we can still enjoy the holiday and what it truly means.

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