When We REALLY Know It’s Winter

Well, we now have snow and ice, as well as very cold and windy weather. There is hardened snow on the ground, which is very easy to slip on, and there is ice on our driveway and on the car windows.

None of this is surprising; it is winter after all. Funny how all that ice and snow has turned from being fun when we were kids; now we are worried about slipping on the ice and breaking a hip.

These days when I go out to feed the outdoories (the stray cats), I really have to watch my steps. How did I ever get this old that the threat of falling makes me nervous? Have I really become that kind of old person who is fearful of ice and snow? Time marches on, and I shuffle along with it.

But then there is the cozy side of winter; hot soups, hot chocolate, good TV shows and great books to read. I don’t have to work anymore; I can do whatever I please. I now understand my grandmother better these days; she loved sewing and did it well. She adored feeding the birds; she felt it was her duty to keep them fed during the winter, and so she did.

Even though most of us are stuck at home and all of us are nervous about the virus, we can still find some fun here and there. There are books to be read, TV shows to enjoy, we can google up the Carol Burnett shows (and if you do, check out the famous “dental sketch”.

But if you do, pee first—it’s that funny.





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