Time For All Those Wintery Things

Since we recently had a pretty good snow fall, it’s time to do all those wintery things; scraping the icy snow off the vehicles, making paths in the snow (which wasn’t really all that deep), and so on. These days we don’t go outside without a hat and mittens, and of course, boots and heavy socks.

Even all the things I do for the outdoorsies are part of it, too. When I know that it will be a really cold night, I go into our garage (where there are two “houses” filled with blankets for the stray cats) and put “hot hands” (you know; those hand warmers you can buy most anywhere) under their blankets to keep them warm for hours. I like to think that the strays have a place to go to keep warm and safe. We also put food and water there as well.

Now when we go outside, we wear hats, mittens, coats and boots. We bundle up like a pig going to war as my mother used to say when we had to go out in freezing weather. Once we come inside, we hurry to the stove to make hot chocolate or to the coffee maker to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee.

Yep, it’s truly winter now.

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