Snow, Snow, Snow!

We just got our first real snow last night; enough to cover the ground and the vehicles. It immediately made me remember Christmases past, and how I used to love the snow falling down on Christmas Eve. Back then as a child, I felt that I could almost hear Santa’s sleigh bells before I went to sleep.

All that said, we woke up this morning with hard-packed snow everywhere.  Both of our vehicles are covered in icy snow; guess we will let the sun take care of that for now. As we live in New England, you can pretty much count on ice-covered vehicles, and slippery steps.

Funny, isn’t it; when we are kids, we love the snow. We play in it, we make forts with it, we have snowball fights; it’s a kid’s wonderland. But since we are all grown up, snow and ice means scraping it all off our vehicles, shoveling paths and so on. When I lived in Texas, we hardly ever got snow. When we did, everyone stopped what they were doing and enjoyed it. Instead of snow, we usually got icy hail instead.

But seeing that we are closing on to Christmas, the snow is rather welcome. Besides, what’s Christmas time without snow?


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