Remembering What Really Matters

As we all know, these are trying times. The pandemic has changed us forever; life as we know it has changed radically. Who would have thought that we all would be wearing masks most of the time! We have had to sacrifice many things during this time, and that’s no fun.

However, as with all things, this too will pass. In the meantime, we can cherish our families, friends and pets. We can still call our friends on the phone or via face time on the computer. Perhaps this is a time when we will do different things than we used to; we can pick up a new hobby, we can play games (dust off that Scrabble game!); it’s fun and a great way to take our minds off the pandemic.

Remember when we were kids and a thunderstorm knocked out the lights? What we did then was to 1) sit on the porch and watch the rain come down, 2) we played games, 3) we ate ice cream, and most of all, we talked.

Perhaps during this time, we will find more things to say to each other. We may find that we now have the time to express our love and affection. We may take up a hobby and find that we absolutely love it. We may take this time to appreciate each other more now that most of the “busy” stuff isn’t a big deal for the time being.

What really matters is that we are all together in this. Rich or poor, we are all being hit by the pandemic. While we are doing our level best to get through this time, let’s remember what really does matter.

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