Putting Ourselves in Another’s Shoes

It’s taken me many years to realize that 1) you don’t always get what you want, 2) things won’t always go your way, and most of all, 3) cussing and shouting and whining get you nowhere. And how do I know these three things? It’s because I have been an ass many times in my life, and trust me; getting angry about things seldom gets you what you want.

The older I get, the more I understand people better. And knowing that, I also know myself better. When we realize that other people have problems and are hurting, and when we have been there ourselves, we can become better versions of ourselves. In my own lifetime so far, I have been a annoying know-it-all, a “do as I say” not as I do person; it took me years to stop being that person. To this day, I still have faults, but each day I try to be better.

When I finally learned to put myself in an other person’s shoes, it changed everything. Example: I had a friend in Texas who was an absolute rock-star; she was smart, funny, and whatever job she took, she made it above and beyond what was expected. When I finally got to know her better, she told me about her life growing up being hurt and abused. As she was always a sunny, happy and often quite funny person, it was hard to believe that she survived. She became a real example to me about rising above your circumstances.

There are many people who cover up their fears and worries and still go on with their day, hoping for the best. We may never know that the other person is hurting inside, or has had a terrible growing up, and so on. But when we do get to know them better and try to put ourselves in their shoes, it changes everything.



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