What Pets Do For Us

Our pets have a lovely way of making our lives better. The Crankee Yankee and I have five cats; all with their own history. Two of them were strays, and we couldn’t find out if they had an owner. But winter was upon us and we couldn’t let them get through the cold and snow. So we took them in.

These days we have five cats; four males and one female. We take them to our wonderful vet when they need shots or anything else that will keep them healthy and strong. We buy them special food that is not only good for them, but they really like it and the eat it all; we always call them “the clean plate club.”

Of course, if we happen to be eating chicken or turkey, they will all give us what we call “the woeful kitty look.” So naturally we end up giving them chopped chicken or turkey. I swear that after they eat, and then wash themselves, that they are snickering to each other this: “told you they’d give us some!” The little devils; they know how to work us.

While we love and adore our cats, they can be little buggers sometimes. Example: I always leave a glass of water near the coffee pot. Our one female likes to drink out of it, and there has never been a problem with it; except for last night. Our yellow cat, Bailey, who is a bit of a mischief maker, decided to drink his fill and then tipped the glass over. After I used up a ton of paper towels to dry it up all the water on the floor (while grumbling under my breath), I swear that cat looked pleased with himself, the little bugger.

Ah well, that’s a cat for you. But whatever kind of pet you have, they will make your life better—even if you have to pick up a mess now and then.



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