The Worriers

Since I have been a worrier all of my life, it doesn’t surprise me that I would worry even more during the pandemic. Of course I realize that worrying doesn’t do much besides wasting a lot of my time; but it’s been a habit for so long I just give in to it.

But oddly enough the pandemic has changed my thinking about worrying. When I go out where there are people, I wear a mask. I even wear one if I go on a pond walk; just in case. It makes me feel less vulnerable, and more safe.

When I was young and living at home with my parents, my mother would tell me that all worrying really doesn’t help anyone at all. These days I get it; worrying really does waste time.

That said, I’m doing my level best to just do what I can, love and cherish all the people (and cats) in my life, and hope for the best outcome for us all. We can only do what we can do to get through this, and worrying really doesn’t help.

So, to all my fellow worriers out there, let’s find some positive things to do while we wait for covid to get the heck out of our lives. I am sure that this, too, will pass. Hang in there, everyone.



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