Stepping on Each Other’s Toes

Well, the pandemic is certainly keeping us at home. Back before this all happened, we came and went as we pleased. But these days we really have to be careful; we need to wear masks when around people, we need to wash our hands a lot, and we need to be as socially distant as we can be.

All that said, this means that families are all together in their houses just about all the time. We find that we are often snapping at each other, or just stepping on each other’s toes. We are not used being together every single day. Oh, of course we go outside to rake up leaves and such, but for the most part we are together every single day.

Which generally is not a bad thing–however, we often find that we get a little bit snappy with each other now and then. It could be something as trivial as changing channels on TV when the other person was actually enjoying what was on TV. And so it goes.

I have no doubt that soon we will have a vaccine for covid and that at some point in time, things will go back to normal. That said, we will not forget how things were and we will not take things and people for granted.

I hope with all my heart that this is true.

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