Why “Thank You” Matters

The power of a “thank you” is more important than you’d think. Most of us were raised to say “please” and “thank you;” the former is simple politeness, the last is a gracious acknowledgement of kindness, a gift and so on. When someone has taken the time to present a gift, it deserves a thank you.

My lesson about this happened when I was quite young. An older woman, a friend of my mother, gifted me with a brass pin of hers. I didn’t like it; but a stern look from my mother told me to be gracious and thankful. I thanked the woman and told her how much I loved jewelry and that I would cherish the pin (in fact, I still have it!) The smile on the woman’s face made me realize how important a thank-you is.

Saying “thank you” is a lot like sending a thank-you note to someone who has sent you a gift. The thank-you lets them know that 1) you received the gift, and 2) that you appreciated it. Now especially as Christmas is coming near, it’s a good time to remember thank-you notes. Of course, if you are sitting there with the person you gave the gift to, there is a spoken thank-you and probably a hug or two. But even then, a thank-you note later on means a lot.

I realize that things are much different these days. However, the gift of a “thank you” still means a great deal. Now that the Crankee Yankee and I have two grandgirls, we are always tickled when they run to us, hug us and thank us for their gifts. Especially during these trying times with the pandemic looming over us all, a thank-you means more than you realize.

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