“But You’ve Seen This On TV/Or Read This Book Before!”

There are movies that I have seen over and over again, such as any of the Harry Potter movies. Not only have I read all the Harry Potter books, but I have seen every Harry Potter movie more times then I can say. This is something that the Crankee Yankee just doesn’t understand; to him, you see a movie and that’s that; you don’t need to see it again.

But I think differently. First of all, I love all the Harry Potter movies, and I know what will happen and so on. It’s a lot like how I feel about re-reading books. This used to drive my mother nuts; she considered that re-reading a book was just a waste of time. But I don’t feel that way; I happily re-read books I love, and I happily watch movies I love.

Oh, I get that most people don’t feel that way, but so what; my watching all the Harry Potter movies hurts no one. I’m the kind of person who loves to say (to myself, usually); “oh boy; now this, that or the other thing is going to happen!” It’s just one of those “to each his own” deals.

For example, I still love it that I went to Hawaii last spring (the Crankee Yankee’s gift to me while he renovated the kitchen), and I still say “maholo” (“thanks” in Hawaiian) to him. It’s sort of the same thing for watching TV; I may have seen the whole thing before, but I like to see it again.

My mother was like that about books; she considered re-reading a book she had already read a huge waste of time. She never did understand why I loved re-reading a good book. But to each his own.

Re-reading a book you’ve read before or seeing a movie you’ve seen before is no crime. We love what we love, and that’s no crime.

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