Keeping the Wonder

Every morning when the Crankee Yankee and I get up, all of our five cats line up for their breakfast. While this is very cute, we humans would really like to sit down and sip our first cup of coffee for the start of the day. But of course, being the softies that we are, the cats get their breakfast long before we get ours.

Once the indoor kitties are taken care of, I go out of the front door and put out a dish of kibble and a bowl of water for our morning feline “frequent flyers.” I have no idea if they belong to anyone, but I can’t not feed them; I’d rather be sure they have something to eat than not.

When I go out, it’s pitch black and the sky is full of wonder; all the stars are out in glorious splendor, especially Orion and Cassiopedia. From Earth Sky:

“The constellation Cassiopeia the Queen can be found high in the northeast on October evenings, not far from Polaris, the North Star. At any time of year, you can use the Big Dipper to find Cassiopeia. These two star formations are like riders on opposite sides of a Ferris wheel. They’re part of a great spinning wheel of stars seen moving counter-clockwise around Polaris, the North Star, once each day. As Cassiopeia rises upward, the Big Dipper plunges downward, and vice versa.”

All that said, it’s a pretty good way to start the day, even when it’s dark outside. I call it keeping the wonder. And how wonderful it is!












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