What Is Good For Us

There are many days when I don’t feel that I am 69 years old. However, I don’t get out of bed unless I’ve done my back exercises. If I didn’t do them I would be creeping along like a crippled crab. The things I used to do, such as climbing trees, ice skating, skiing or running; that’s long gone. But when you have to give up some things you used to do, you just find new things to do.

Some of the new things I enjoy doing, such as walking down to the pond, is not only good exercise, but it makes me feel that all my gears are still working. There are lots of things that we can do as we age, such as meeting new people, joining a book club, playing games (Scrabble is my favorite), going for short walks and so on. These days I can start playing my ukulele again, or, to the cats’ dismay; playing my *didgeridoo.

These days when we are all pretty much home-bound because of the virus, it’s a good time to haul out our instruments and start playing. We can’t let the current virus make party-poopers out of us; we still can have fun anyway we can.

As Thanksgiving is upon us, many of us will not be with our loved ones because of the current situation. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still have fun. The Crankee Yankee and I always go up to Maine for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we will miss that. But we can still call or get online to see and enjoy each other.

Find the good; it is always there. And as with anything else, this current situation too will pass. Hang in there everyone.

*The didgeridoo is a wind instrument made from hollow wood. The first didgeridoos, played by aboriginal peoples in northern Australia an estimated 40,000 years ago, were made from fallen eucalyptus branches that had been naturally hollowed out by termites. It is also known that the mayan people of Central America had a similar instrument made of yucca or agave and today referred to as “la trompeta maya” (the mayan trumpet).

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