Going With the Flow

Since the corona virus is and continues to be a massive party pooper for us all, we need to find ways to not let it get to us. Of course we know to wear masks when out and about, washing our hands many times, and we are spending more time at home than usual. Usually we would all jump in our cars and take off to be with our relatives for Thanksgiving this year, but at this point it’s wiser to stay home. Sooner or later there will be a vaccine for the virus, but in the mean time, it’s smart to just stay put.

So how can we make the holidays seem cheery these days? Well, it isn’t easy, but it can be done. We can still have that turkey dinner and dessert; at our house this also means filling tiny little plates of chopped turkey for the kitties. (Don’t ask me how they know it’s Thanksgiving; they just know.) Then we search for a good movie to watch while enjoying our lunch.

A day or so before Thanksgiving I make three batches of apple crisp; one for my best friend and her husband, one for our amazing vet (who has kept our cats healthy and strong for years) and one for us. Normally we would be bringing apple crisp #4 to our loved ones in Maine, but we will have to wait until there is a cure for the corona virus.

As with everyone else in this country, we will go with the flow and carry on as usual. Or as I like to say in circumstances like this: “this too shall pass.” And sooner or later, this too WILL pass. In the meantime, be well, be happy, and be careful. While we will sorely miss seeing our relatives and friends at the table, staying safe will make sure that our relatives and friends will be there with us next year.


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