Keeping It Together

As the pandemic keeps on ruining just about everything we love, we can still “keep it together.” If we have to stay at home and just go out for groceries or a walk, we can enjoy that time. If we haven’t started thinking about Christmas gifts, this is a good time to order things for our families and friends. It’s also a good time to take up a hobby; you’d be amazed at how that can give you some much-needed happiness.

The Crankee Yankee and I will dearly miss being with our grandgirls this Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there is the phone and the zoom to see each other and chit-chat. We will send the girls and their parents their gifts and make the best of things.

Years from now, we will tell young people about how we survived the corona virus. By then there well could be a wonderful cure for all diseases; who knows? But while we have this unwelcome guest in our midst, we can still get by.

Not to sound like an annoying Pollyanna, there are lots of things we can do to make us feel better. This might be the time to blow the dust off our guiters and ukuleles and such and actually learn to play some songs. Personally, I am taking that to heart with my ukulele this winter. I also have a *didgeridoo. While it’s fun to play it, the cats usually grump off to anyother part of the house; they are not fans.

However, during this time in our country and while we wait for a vaccine, it’s the little things that can get us through. Even if it’s a didgeridoo.

*From didg project: The didgeridoo is a wind instrument made from hollow wood. The first didgeridoos, played by aboriginal peoples in northern Australia an estimated 40,000 years ago, were made from fallen eucalyptus branches that had been naturally hollowed out by termites. It is also known that the mayan people of Central America had a similar instrument made of yucca or agave and today referred to as “la trompeta maya” (the mayan trumpet).




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