Remembering All That is Still Good

There’s no getting around it; these are tough times. It’s been decades since we had to worry about polio and the like; now we worry about the current pandemic. Most of us are doing our best to stay healthy and positive. Granted, there are a lot of things we can’t do right now, but there are still a lot of things that we can do. If we can’t drive to see our loved ones for the holidays, there still is the phone and zoom on our computers. We can also send Christmas gifts this year instead of being there to watch the gifts being opened.

If we can remember to do all the safe things such as wearing masks when we are out in public, we can get through all this. Of course it’s a general pain in the hinder to not be able to sit down at a restaurant, or go visit our family and friends, or go outside where there is a crowd of people. We just have to remember two things: 1) the vaccine for the pandemic is nearly ready, and 2) the current situation will not last.

This is a time to reflect on what still is good in our lives. Even during times like this, there is always something to be thankful for if we just think about it. Then there are some of the things we can do at home: for example, this is a good time sort out the winter clothes in the closet. If you haven’t used them last year, donate them to someone who could really use them.

  1. Ladies, go through your jewelry. If you haven’t worn any of it for years, think about donating them to a nursing home. They can be Christmas gifts to older women who may not have any children or family to visit them, and who may not otherwise get a Christmas gift.
  2. In our neighborhood, we share homemade goodies at Christmas time. We make chocolate chip cookies to share, and our neighbors give us the treats that they usually make for Christmas.
  3. If we haven’t had the time to buy gifts, we can do this instead: write your own “gift card” that contains a note and some cash or a check. This way the recipient can buy whatever they want with it.
  4. If you know that you can’t drive to your family and friends, prepare in advance. Get yourself a turkey and stuffing, an obscenely delicious dessert, and a nice bottle of wine.
  5. By all means, trim the Christmas tree and put up the lights. You would be surprised at how much cheerier it makes us feel.

Not to sound like a Pollyanna, there still is good to be found these days. All we have to do is be part of it.

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