How the Pandemic Makes Us All Cranky

Let’s face it; we know that we love our family and friends deeply. However, during the pandemic, we find ourselves with our family (and sometimes friends) to the point where we get sick and tired of them.

Granted, we can’t do much about the corona virus except to wear masks and to wash our hands frequently. The holidays are coming up, and most of us will not be visiting our loved ones or having them come over to our houses. That stinks of course, but at this point in time we really need to be careful.

Staying at home with our loved ones sounds great and is a smart thing to do. That said, there always comes a time or two when we would rather be sitting with a giant turtle instead of our family. Crankiness becomes a regular thing with us all, and we start to wonder how bad it would be to sit and sleep in our cars by ourselves for a while.

The smallest things start to annoy us; things that wouldn’t have bothered us *BTP. For what seems like the first time, hearing our loved ones sneeze so loudly that everything in the house jiggles makes us seriously want to club them over the head with a frying pan. We try to make the best of it, but sometimes we think we will go mad if we have to listen to the news on TV for hours on end—because our partner just has to know what’s happening.

But, as with all things, this too will pass. Let’s hope that there will be no bloodshed during the holidays (or any day for that matter). During this time it’s a good idea to take up some hobby that keeps our minds from exploding. These days I find myself baking more than usual, and also making jewelry again. Reading and writing are two of the many things I enjoy, so that helps as well. Then there are walks going down to the local pond; that always lifts my spirits. Granted, I walk down there with a mask on, but everyone else does as well. Let’s just call that the new style these days.

So, before we go nuts with our spouses or family or friends, keep saying this mantra (which, if I did NOT do that, I really would club someone over the head): “This too will pass.” And it WILL.

*Before the pandemic.

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