Would You Rather Be Sick Than Safe?

Since we are all aware of the pandemic and are doing our best to deal with it, we wonder about what we will do about the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are special times and we love being with our family and friends. However, this year may not be the time when we can do that.

Most of us have computers, and we can certainly have face times with our loved ones. We can also call them as well. We can send them goodies and gifts by mail instead of bringing them. Granted, it’s no fun to miss out on the holidays, but we need to be very careful about keeping safe and well.

I’m sure that no one likes being alone on the holidays, and it’s sad to not be with our people. That said, it just isn’t worth the risk these days. There will soon be a vaccine for covid and that will help. But for the time being, we really need to be smart and safe. The Crankee Yankee and I feel badly that we will miss time with the grandgirls this Thanksgiving (and probably Christmas as well). But better to be safe than sorry.

Once the vaccine is out, that will help a lot. But for the time being, we need to take the pandemic seriously. As with so much else in our lives, this too will eventually pass. But until then, we need to keep wearing masks, keeping our distance, and staying smart.

We may miss Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families and friends, but it’s worth it if we all stay healthy. Look on the bright side: if we are alone enjoying a turkey dinner, then we don’t have to worry about someone eating up the turkey legs when you want to eat them. Also, if we are alone, we don’t need to dress up. We can sit in front of the TV all day in our pajamas.

As with anything else in life, this too will pass. But in the meantime, stay healthy and be careful. Besides, wouldn’t you rather be safe than sick? Hang in there everyone; this too will pass.

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