O Tempora, O Mores!

When I was in high school, I fell in love with Latin. There was something about it that immediately grabbed me. Even though my teacher was one of the most strict teachers in the school, I loved Latin. To this day, when something goes wrong (or, in this case, the pandemic), I say “*O tempora, o mores!”

When our high school started offering trips to other countries, the first one was Rome, Italy. My parents allowed me to go, and I and some friends and other kids gladly went for the adventure. I had never been on a plane before, and it was amazing. When the captain told us to look down as we approached the Italian “boot.”

These days when we are dealing with the pandemic, it is good to remember the things in our lives that make us happy. Although I went to Italy decades ago, I still am thrilled with the remembrances of that time.

These days when things go wrong for me for whatever reason, I still mutter “O tempora, o mores!” Funnily enough, that takes the anger or upset away. To this day, I mentally thank my Latin teacher; also to this day, I chuckle when I say “o tempora, o mores!”

These days really are full of that phrase.

*Description: O tempora, o mores! is a Latin phrase that translates literally as “Oh the times! Oh the customs!”, first recorded to have been spoken by Cicero. A more natural, yet still quite literal, translation is “Oh what times!” From Wikipedia.

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