The Magic of Granddaughters

When I was very young, my favorite uncle (whom I called “Unkie”) used to call me “Little Lulu.” Of course I knew about the real Little Lulu from the comic books:

Little Lulu retro cartoon" Kids T-Shirt by FunIlustrations | Redbubble

Funnily enough, my granddaughters (Ava, who is 9, and Juliette, who is 4) now call me “Lulu” as well. To them, that’s my Grandma name. Just hearing them call me that makes me feel more than special.

Quite a while back, I got Ava interested in making beaded jewelry, and she picked it up as if she had been doing it for years. She now makes beautiful earrings and bracelets, and she has a wonderful color sense as well.

Ava and Juliette are completely different; while Ava is kind, generous and aware of other peoples’ feelings, Juliette is a wild woman. Once when she had dragged down several of her toys from her bedroom to the living room, her mother asked her to pick them up and put them back in her room. Juliette, being Juliette, didn’t want to do that. Her mother asked her again, saying “how about you to pick up your toys and put them back upstairs where they belong.”

Juliette leaned up against the refrigerator, crossed her little arms across her chest and said “how about NO?” Of course her mother nearly burst into laughter, but told her in no uncertain terms to just pick them up already and put them away. There is something about that kid that you just can’t get mad; she really is hilarious.

I have the great pleasure of sitting with both girls when we visit, and I am always thrilled that they want to be with me. The days will come when they will have lives of their own, their cherished friends and so on. But for now, it is a joy to be with these wonderful and amazing young girls who have absolutely taken my heart forever.

I never had children of my own; I never thought I would be a good mother. These two wonderful girls are the loves of my life. I know that too soon the girls will be on their own, making their way in the world. But for now, I am content to sit between the two of them, soaking up the magic of those two amazing girls.



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