Voting in America

We are lucky to live in America; we can vote for whomever we want for our president. No one is looking over our shoulder to see who we are voting for; it is nobody’s business but our own. This is another right we have in this country.

Sadly, too many people make this a time to argue with each other and possibly lose a few family members and friends. But it doesn’t have to be like this; we certainly can agree to disagree and let it go at that.

If we can just remember that we in America have rights that so many countries do not; we actually have the right to decide who we want for our president. Of course there are going to be arguments about it; that’s part of the whole business. No one tells us what to do or who to vote or “else.”

Voting is a personal thing. I am always gobstruck when someone asks me who I voted for. My standard answer is always “nunya” as in “none of your business.” Asking someone who they voted for is just about as rude as asking if they are wearing underwear or not.

Whatever happens, let’s try and keep things civil and leave the arguments to ourselves. God bless America.



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