Men and TV

Men hunt; women nest. Men like TV, but they just can’t settle down to watch something from start to finish. So while the woman is just getting interested in a show, that’s exactly when the man decides to see what else is on TV. It’s not enough for him to just settle into a show; oh, no—they are hell-bent on seeing what else is on.

While most women like to find a TV show that they like, most men just want to click-click-click the remote because there might be something they would like to watch. It’s truly a man thing.

Way back in the dark ages when I was growing up, there was one TV per household. You rarely heard of someone having two TVs back then. Usually the man and wife would decide on a show that they both liked. Kids just learned to watch what their parents watched.

Us “one TV” kids were gobstruck when they heard of someone who had two TVs. Unlike these days when most people have several TVs, most people back then just had one. Also, the grandparents were still pretty much listening to their radios and most didn’t even bother to get a TV.

My grandparents finally got one, and whenever I stayed overnight, I watched what they watched. When something came up that I really wanted to watch, my grandmother would say ‘oh no; we are not watching THAT. (Of course I really wanted to watch “THAT,” but it wasn’t my house. It would have been very impolite to ask my grandparents to change the channel back then.)

Times have certainly changed, but men and remotes have not. TVs and remotes are truly a man thing.



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