These Are Cranky Times…

While the pandemic keeps on being a royal *PIA, many of us are slip-sliding into some serious crankiness. We are mostly in our homes these days, we are wearing masks nearly all the time, and we are hand-washing like there is no tomorrow. But most of all, we are together with our significant other, kids, pets, and so on.

We have to be careful where we go, we always keep a mask handy, and mostly we all end up at home, getting on each other’s last nerve. Case in point: I make a make a fabulous egg salad, complete with chopped onions and celery. We just ran out of it yesterday, so I told the Crankee Yankee that I would make some more today.

Well—he asked if I could simply make it with no onions or celery! This means that I will be making TWO egg salads today; one boring one for him, and one good one for me (meaning lots and lots of onions and celery). While I do understand that everyone doesn’t necessarily like what I like, it still stuck in my craw.

Granted, not everyone likes onions and celery in their egg salad. I am noticing that I too have become more cranky than usual. While something like this innocent request would normally not bother me in the least, today it DOES. So while I am going to be making TWO egg salads today, I won’t necessarily be thrilled about it.

Of course, today I will make the two salads. I will greatly want to spit in his, but I won’t. But I DO think about it….

*Pain in the Ass

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