Pets and What They Do For Us

If you have read my blog (and many thanks if you do!), then you know that the Crankee Yankee and myself are owned by five cats. Our oldest cat, Nala, is our one female, and she lets the four boys (Plumpy, Bailey, Jules and Scooter) know that she is the queen bee. Bailey was my mom’s and dad’s cat, and when they passed on, Bailey came to live with us. He and his buddy, Plumpy, like to snooze in the sunshine on the back porch (glassed in).

Scooter was a rescue cat; we got to know him when we saw him outside during the winter. We made a warm shelter for him, and fed him morning and night. But when the winter got really cold, we took him inside and to this day he seems pretty happy about it.

Our latest cat, Jules, was an indoor/outdoor cat. We worried about him crossing streets and being out in the rain and cold weather. So, as with Scooter, we made a nice shelter for him, and fed and watered him every day. The Crankee Yankee found out who his owner was, a nice girl who owned him and his two brothers. He told the owner about Jules, and she said that we could have him if we wanted to; we did, and he seems very happy living with us.

There is something wonderful about having pets. While cats can be aloof and a bit touchy some times, they are good company. It isn’t strange at all (for us, anyway) that one or two or three of them like to camp out with us during the night. At least once or twice a week, one of us will wake up without a pillow, as one of the cats have taken it for their own.

Having pets is a wonderful thing. Sure, they need special food, clean water and need to visit the vet for rabies shots and so on. Our cats do not go outside; we are on a busy street and we want to keep them safe. That being said, our cats have a HUGE amount of toys, treats and of course, attention.

Our cats pretty much rule the house. But at least they don’t use our computer.

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