Cats on Mouse Patrol

A few years ago, we had a mouse problem. True, there were only a few, but that few was too many. However, our cats dispatched them, and we hadn’t seen a mouse for a few years—until yesterday.

One of the cats got into our seldom-used closet in the living room, and behold and lo; there was a mouse in there. I don’t want to think just how he got in there, but I knew he had to leave.

So I picked up my mighty mouse trap; which is simply two small plastic cups. Since the mouse was trying to get away from the cat, I scooped him up in one of the cups, and put the other cup on top so that he wouldn’t escape.

I walked across the street where there is a huge juniper bush. I dropped the mouse in there and said: “do NOT come back. There are FIVE cats in the house, you idiot!” Hopefully, he listened.

However, it turned out that we had two more mice (proudly found by another cat). I did the same thing and told the two of them the same warning. Granted, this is the time of year when mice will want to get where it’s warm as winter is coming. While I don’t blame them for that, I still don’t want them in our house.

Besides, the cats feel that they have done their duty for the day. I swear that one of them looked me in the eye and said to himself; “you two would be USELESS without us! Go fry up a steak for us, will ya?”

For the record, I did not fry them a steak, but I did give them all a big handful of cat treats.


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